“Indianapolis based painter Marna Shopoff’s work feels like you stuck a blend between Julie Mehretu and Kazimir Malevich in between two mirrors—the energy of her monumental paintings is undeniable and explosive in some, eerie and contemplative in others.” – @all.the.lady.artists

“Like shards of stained and shattered glass, artist Marna Shopoff pieces together frames of fractured color in her non-representational artwork.” – Christina Nafziger

“The mysterious interaction of light and space creates an architectural quality that is inviting yet elusive, as if dwellinglike spaces appeared within mirages of colliding rays of refracted light.” – Eric Bookhardt

“Down the Hall” looks like golden afternoon sun cast romantically, unapologetically, realistically on sober built walls.” – NOLA Defender

“Marna Shopoff’s “Complimentary Exchange” is a striking oil painting with lines going every which way that seems to betray perspective and straddles the line between figuration and abstraction.”

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